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January 25, 2016
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January 28, 2016

What are the health problem of sight?


Is a bug occurs in Vision and results mainly from the aging process. A situation where less flexibility of the lens leads to difficulty in seeing close objects

Myopia (Low Vision):

This produces the problem of the form of the eyeball and is characterized not see distant objects well. The scientific explanation for this phenomenon is that the image of things to be blurred because it is composed before falling on the retina. Dealing with this phenomenon in the Dallah Hospital ray LASIK and the success of this patch varies between 90% and 100%, knowing that 99% of those who were treated at the hospital are very satisfied with Dallah therapeutic intervention

Blurred vision from near:

Caused by the image composed after the retina hypermetropie

Double vision and blurry picture:

Where the retina consists of an image before and another after the retina stigmatism and to solve health problems enter the visual Dallah Hospital in the center of Ophthalmology latest technology and managed by Global Consultants.

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